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New EEF guide: Making a difference with effective tutoring

16 November 2022 (by admin)

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has published a new guide to support school leaders to implement tutoring effectively.

EEF’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit shows that if tuition is high-quality and aligned to classroom teaching, pupils can make up to five months additional progress. It can be particularly effective for socio-economically disadvantaged pupils too. 
Schools have gone above and beyond to implement tuition successfully against the backdrop of disruption to staffing, budget constraints, logistics planning and pupil attendance. EEF’s guide, which is based on the best available evidence, offers educators practical advice to support these efforts and make tutoring have a positive impact in their setting.  
It focuses on three central principles:

  1. Selecting pupils and scheduling sessions effectively: How to identity those pupils who will benefit the most, as well as how frequent sessions should be and when they should take place. 
  2. Aligning tutoring with curriculum and assessment: How to align tutoring with a pupils’ current curriculum, so that they can reinforce learning from tuition sessions in their classroom practice.  
  3. Creating a sustainable tutoring model: How to monitor and evaluate the impact of tutoring so schools can track progress and refine their approach over time. 

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