Kingsbridge Institute of Learning

part of Community First Academy Trust

Our School to School Support Offer

We are interested in designing and trialling bespoke packages of tailored support for schools in challenging circumstances; especially those with a wide attainment gap with the aim of supporting the school to reduce the gap between those entitled to Pupil Premium and the rest.

Kingsbridge Institute recognises that by working together, and sharing our collective learning, we can support system-wide improvements.

If your school is facing challenging circumstances, we will work with you to identify appropriate strategies or interventions for success.

We have a wide range of high quality expertise available and we take great care in matching the appropriate support to the needs of the schools and the individuals concerned.

We are able to draw on specialist Early Years, Primary & Secondary education support from:

  • National Leaders of Education (NLEs)
  • Local Leaders of Education (LLEs)
  • Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
  • Evidence Lead in Education (ELE)
  • School Resource Manager (SRM)

Our support includes:

  • Addressing weaknesses identified by Ofsted (or by other agencies) by providing additional leadership capacity to improve the quality of teaching and learning in specific subjects, year groups or with individual teachers.
  • Drawing up bespoke school improvement plans and brokering or commissioning the required support.
  • Assisting a school in developing and implementing policies designed to bring about school improvement.
  • Bringing about improvements in the data analysis undertaken by schools.
  • Raising attainment and standards by closing the gap for identified vulnerable and underachieving groups.
  • Providing an acting headteacher in a challenging school.
  • Providing an executive headteacher to work with a school or organisation of schools.
  • Brokering academy conversion with 
Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)


We have links with a number of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) who are available to support schools within their area of expertise. Our SLEs cover a wide range of specialist areas and can be deployed following self-referrals for support. We also work closely with our local consortia to deploy SLEs into schools in need of support. For more information about the support we can offer through deployment of our SLE team or to request support, please click here