Kingsbridge Institute of Learning

Welcome to the Kingsbridge Institute of Learning

Kingsbridge Institute of Learning works in partnership with a variety of strategic partners through its SCITT Kingsbridge EIP.

The Kingsbridge Institute of Learning and all strategic partners are committed to the professional and personal development of the school workforce and to making a significant contribution to a self-improving school system by providing initial teacher training, CPD and school to school support. 

All our school and strategic partners have a proven track record of excellence in their own schools and excellence in supporting other schools.

At Community First Academy Trust, we want to play our part in developing the next generation of teachers, managers and leaders in our own schools and throughout the school system. 

By working together, the future of education across the region is a bright one.

Sue Darbyshire
Chief Executive Officer | National Leader of Education | Executive Headteacher | 

 Kingsbridge SCITT:

  • Trains new teachers through its in-house initial teacher training SCITT 'Kingsbridge'
  • Provide lead school partnership opportunities for groups of strong schools wishing to establish schools-direct partnership training 
  • Supports school improvement
  • Develops and supports research that helps grow the profession.
  • Develops new, middle and senior leaders to help support the next generation of leaders.
  • Provides high quality continuous professional development.
  • Supports groups of schools to access government funding on behalf of the system.
  • Supporting excellent through school effective resource management.

We work with a range of schools across the North West region to achieve our aims.

Kingsbridge Institute of Learning aims to:

  • Improve the quality and impact of leadership, teaching and learning within the schools we work with.
  • Train the next generation of outstanding teachers through Kingsbridge Initial Teacher Training.
  • Lead peer to peer learning and professional development, by using the designation and deployment of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE's) and Evidence Leads in Education (ELE's)
  • Identify talent within schools and nurture leadership potential.
  • Support schools in innovative research projects

Strategic Partners 

Blackpool Research School                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
KIngsbridge SCITT partnership school’s click here
Wigan and St Helen's Local Authorities 

Westbridge Teaching School Alliance
Wigan WEP Board
Start Well Family Centres